The program caring for you ™ is the commitment of Eifron for better and safer management of diabetes.

The daily contact with patients and healthcare professionals, adding experience and fighting spirit of our people, ensuring the satisfaction of needs through innovation in our products.

The program caring for you ™ governed by four fundamental principles of "Credo" of the company:

To be the first choice in customer preference.
To offer complete solutions through innovative products continuously.
To satisfy the needs of all our patients with high quality products at the best price - cost.

To offer our suppliers and our dealers opportunities for fair profits.

The products and services can help people with diabetes and healthcare professionals who are responsible for their management.

To achieve small victories every day.

Research & Innovation

An impressive track record

Eifron’s approach to innovation builds on an impressive track record of developing breakthrough science. Scientists discovered and developed SOLUS V2 the audible blood glucose management system, helping to change the outlook for many patients with diabetes.

We continue to advance scientific research across many disease areas.

  • Our expertise in both specific businesses and therapeutic categories allows us to find and pursue the best solution for many diseases.
  • New methods such as non-invasive technologies are helping us evaluate the effectiveness of our compounds.

Petient Support

Our passion helps patients

Research and innovation are the cornerstones of Eifron’s business as a global company. Our research and innovation focus on developing products that deliver strong clinical performance, provide more patient benefit and deliver economic value, particularly where there is significant need around the world in certain disease areas.

Ethical Culture

Eifron is committed to working closely with health care professionals to improve patient health. Their expertise helps us develop and enhance products and therapies to treat conditions.

We work with health care professionals primarily in the research and development process and in medical education. Their expertise helps us develop and enhance products and therapies to treat conditions as diabetes.

We believe interactions with health care professionals bring value to patient care.

Our interactions with them are guided by openness and transparency. This is especially important when it comes to financial payments or other forms of value provided

Our Goal

In Eifron focus on finding ways to cover major medical needs that remain unmet.

We do this by offering products and services to patients in therapeutic areas we know best.

We will be a valuable provider of products and services for our customers because we strive persistently to overcome their expectations .

pioneering spirit

A pioneering spirit . A collaborative nature . And the resources and ability to bring the quality of life in the market.

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Join Our Team

To best understand and address patients' hopes and needs, we look for people who reflect the thousands of diverse communities we serve.

Innovative customer service. In each level.

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