What is Avemar;

Avemar is an all-natural, clinically proven, dietary supplement for cancer patients. Medical experts recognize Avemar as an effective supportive cancer treatment and recommend complementing the diet of concerned patients with Avemar. Scientific studies showed that Avemar also enhances the efficacy of conventional oncological treatments (surgery, radio-, chemo- and immunotherapy). With regular intake of Avemar, patients can relish a better quality of life and can enjoy a better lifestyle. Avemar is available in granulate and film-coated tablet form.

The active ingredient is Avemar pulvis, an all-natural compound made from fermented wheat germ extract using patented biotechnological processes. Since the invention of Avemar pulvis significant research has been undertaken - not only in the laboratory, but in test animals and human cancer patients as well. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted to study its safety profile and its effectiveness, including in vitroin vivo and human clinical research. Over 100 reports have been written for presentation or publication since 1998, and over 33 peer-reviewed scientific papers are currently accessible at PubMed database. All scientific publications are accessible at the official Avemar Research website.

Avemar has been registered as “dietary food for special medical purposes for cancer patients” since 2002. Avemar also gained the NutrAward for the “Best New Product of the Year” in California, USA in 2006.

Avemar Granulate

Κόκκοι Avemar

Avemar granulate is a dietary supplement that contains Avemar pulvis, fermented wheat germ extract.

dried fermented wheat germ extract, fructose, natural orange flavour, maltodextrin, silicone dioxide, sodium chloride

One box of Avemar granulate contains 30 sachets (each sachet containing 17g of granulate). To consume, mix Avemar with 100-200ml of liquid and stir until the granulate has dissolved. Avemar is flavoured with natural orange flavor and fructose.

Before consuming Avemar, please read the detailed User information.

Please click here for Avemar granulate recipes.

 For adults with body weight of 90 kg or less, one sachet is recommended per day. For adults with a body weight greater than 90 kg, 2 sachets per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

The Avemar granulate must be stored in conditions between 5-22 ˚C degrees. A refrigerated environment is a suggested option.


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What is Avemar

Avemar is an all-natural, clinically proven, dietary supplement for cancer patients

Avemar is completely natural

Avemar is made from the wheat germ and is not chemically used during the
production process. Avemar is a 100% natural dietary supplement.

Quality assurance

Avemar contains the Avemar powder, a fully natural ingredient produced by the fermentation of the wheat germ extract. Avemar is manufactured under a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification system of the highest grain quality. The production plant is supervised by the Hungarian Ministry of Health and SGS Yarsley.

Absence of toxicity

Studies have been carried out that have been extensively tested for toxicity and safety and in the opinion of the group of experts gathered to ascertain the status
GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe, Generally Recognized as Safe) Avemar, "has the toxicological profile of bread."

Avemar powder

The active substance of Avemar is the Avemar powder, produced from the fermented wheat germ extract.
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